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2012 Scholarship Recipients

Maxine Shelly Turner Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Larissa Hall is a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Biological Engineering. Besides maintaining a perfect grade point, she is highly involved in the Scholarship House on campus and mentors middle and junior high school girls interested in science and engineering. Professor Stacy Hutchinson says that "[Hall] possess the intellect to become a great engineer and the communication skills and personality to become an outstanding engineer that can truly make a difference."

Freedom Scholarship ($1,000)

Jillian Silver is a junior at Tufts University majoring in Computer Science. She has worked with young girls as a tutor and mentor while in high school and would like to continue her work, encouraging them to embrace science and math. Silver is also focused on her peers at school though leadership roles in Women in Computer Science (WICS). According to Professor Benjamin Hescott, "[Jillian] is actively supporting our new female students and mentoring them through our introductory classes" and he is "excited to see her future work as an engineer."

Thomas K. Kim Scholarship sponsored by Compix Media, Inc.($1,000)

Amanda Dols is a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in Bioengineering. Her interests in studying cancer development started with a high school biology class, and now she has an undergraduate research position in the Photonic Biosensors Laboratory. Passionately involved in promoting engineering and STEM fields, she is the current president of the Upsilon chapter of A.O.E., and Engineering Ambassador for her engineering school, and a peer mentor for freshmen engineers. Denise Abu-Laban, a Program Management Specialist with Dols' employer, describes her as a "dedicated and conscientious student, employee, and community member" who leads "highly successful events encourage and foster bonding, confidence and retention of women in engineering."

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Rachael Ilic is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. She is a competitive dancer, earned her Gold Award through improving a library at an inner city school, and has worked as a tutor for many years at the Kumon Math and Reading Center. Director of the center, Dr. Jean Byrne, praises her student tutor as "exceptional, responsible, reliable, resourceful, warm and compassionate with great leadership skills."

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($500)

Amanda Rae Neumann is a sophomore at Marquette University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Her inspiration to study biomedical engineering came from witnessing her father go through liver transplant and hip replacement as well as a friend who had lost a limb as a soldier in combat; his artificial limb was not adequate in function as the limb he had lost was. Neumann is actively involved in Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, and tutoring other female students. Professor Barbara Silver-Thorn describes Neumann as "a very driven young woman" who is able to balance her full academic load and several extra-curricular activities well.

Walters Family Honorary Scholarship ($500)

Amanda Bjorkland is a junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Engineering Physics. Her love for science and math courses in high school took her to the United States Navy where she was a nuclear engineer on an aircraft carrier. As an undergraduate, she has participated in two NASA research projects, winning first prize in one team project and pursuing a leadership role for a flight team. Dr. Yosef Allam describes her as "a well-rounded individual... who is intellectually curious in seeking the understanding directly about assignments as well as surrounding issues."

Herbert John Lathrop Engineering Scholarship ($500)

Hibatullah Ismail is a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Chemical Engineering. She tutors fellow students in math and chemistry and volunteers her language skills as an interpreter at a hospital. Ismail is a role model for non-traditional students as she studies while also raising a family. Her mathematics instructor, James Goins, says that Ismail makes his course rewarding to others by asking intriguing questions for the purposes of clarity on the subject matter.

George F. Thorp Engineering Scholarship ($500)

Anna Walter is a junior at University of Delaware majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. She had found her calling towards Chemical Engineering and was actively worked towards her goal while she was still in high school by getting taking classes and presenting papers at Western Kentucky University. Professor Steven Senger believes that "[Walter] is a problem solver, and will excel at anything she attempts to do with her engineering prowess."

Founders' Scholarship ($1,000)

Christina Zarrilli is a senior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in Ocean Engineering. She is a founding member and colony president for the Beta Delta chapter of A.O.E. Besides carrying a full academic load as an Honors Scholar, Zarrilli has pursued numerous activities, including Civil Air Patrol, green product development with Lockheed Martin, and athletics. Tim Van Epps of Florida Atlantic University believes that Zarrilli "truly sees the world as an intricate and completely interconnected system and she consistently demonstrates that she is capable of making significant contribution to this system."

Aimone-Brook Family Scholarship ($500)

Tabatha Savage is a senior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in Ocean Engineering. She is a founding member and vice president for the Beta Delta chapter of A.O.E. She enjoys engineering and believes that her course of study has "develop [her] mind into one that solves problems ranging from mathematics, physics, or logical and critical thinking." Savage's Electrical Engineering professor, Dr. Nurgun Erdol, believes that she has the drive and leadership skills to reach her goals.

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($500)

Megan May is senior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison majoring in Food Engineering. She aspires to be a leader in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. During her college career, she has been very involved in the Omicron chapter of A.O.E., having leadership roles such as President, Vice President, Director of Recruitment, Director of Councils, and Director of Income, and the American Society for Agriculture and Biological engineers, where she served as Treasurer and now Secretary. Professor David Bohnhoff summarizes that "because of Megan's ability to work well with others in a professional environment, she is destined to become an outstanding engineer."

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