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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Founders' Scholarship ($2,500)

Giordana Daniels just recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering and is starting her Masters year in the fall, which is part of UD’s 4+1 program. Throughout her college years, she was an active member of Alpha Omega Epsilon (engineering/technical sciences sorority), a member of the Club Equestrian Team, was involved in undergraduate research on campus, was a teacher assistant for an MSEG introduction course, was an ambassador for the College of Engineering (CoE), held several industry based internships positions and studied abroad in Europe! Along with all the extra curricular activities and experiences she embarked on, there were several school and department wide awards received, such as Dean’s List, Outstanding MSEG Student and MSEG Academic Achievement award.

Maxine Shelly Turner Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Angelina Xu is a rising junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. She has been involved in many philanthropy areas, including raising money for pediatric illness, children's literacy, and hunger security. In addition, she is heavily involved in biomedical and financial research, having authored peer-reviewed publications on Alzheimer's disease, DNA, and most recently cryptocurrency. On campus, she is also involved in Society of Women Engineers and Women Business Leaders to empower women in these fields.

Freedom Scholarship ($1,000)

Alyssa Cadua is a mechanical engineering major going into her junior year at VCU. Right now she is very passionate about helping the climate crisis and hopes to go into the nuclear energy field after graduation. Alyssa is an active member of her school’s Society of Women Engineers and loves to teach young girls about all the fun engineering has in store. She also is the vice president of the VCU club field hockey team. This scholarship will allow her to continue to focus on school and her extracurriculars without the burden of worrying about finances!

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($1,000)

As a woman studying biomedical engineering, Isabelle Lewis feels honored to receive a scholarship that reflects the hard work she has done and will continue to do as she goes into her final year. If it wasn't for the incredible women in her school of engineering and chapter she wouldn't be as accomplished. Besides her interest in STEM, she wanted to go into this field to be a pioneer for more and more women to infiltrate STEM-based career-paths. She feels like Alpha Omega Epsilon is a microcosm of the incredible impact women can have on STEM industries, illustrating how women coming together is both beautiful and powerful. This scholarship emphasizes these values and ideals she has and it will continue to inspire her in the year to come. 'Thank you to Alpha Omega Epsilon and my Zeta chapter sisters.''

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($1,000)

Chloe Ulsh is a 4th year biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia and the Pi Chapter Treasurer. She grew up in Europe and moved to the United States for high school. With more opportunities to grow, she became interested in STEM and decided to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. At UVA, she works as a research assistant in the Material Science Department, in the computational materials lab, with applications to various bio-applications from nano-medicine to tissue engineering. She also was part of an internal internship that created a learning virtual environment for infectious diseases. With her experiences in the computational side of biomedical engineering, she aims to help predict and model diseases to help others. She also believes in the importance of upholding gender minorities in STEM, which she brings in her involvement within A.O.E..

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Jasmine Weaver a rising senior Civil Engineering major at York College of Pennsylvania originally from Lititz, PA. She is a member of YCP's ASCE student chapter and currently serving as the president of the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) club. She enjoys spending time outside, hiking, reading, and assisting with the monthly WiSE volunteer events. She wants to use her civil engineering degree to apply critical thinking skills to address environmental and infrastructure problems. She hopes to serve as a positive influence in her future career and work alongside a reliable and respectful team of fellow engineers.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Eva Bowen is a 3rd year student at the University of Miami pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering. Eva is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the Society of Biomedical Engineers, and the Society of Women engineers. She is co-chair of Miami's Engineering Student Ambassadors and has leadership roles in Chi Omega and the Residential Leadership Council. She is employed at Miami's College of Engineering 3D Printing Lab, the Engineering Innovation Lab, and is a Project Manager for her University’s consulting agency, Orange Umbrella. Eva also participates in biomedical orthopedics research, where her team examines compression properties of different cell types. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management. She aspires to optimize current healthcare processes and develop innovations within the healthcare field.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Ayah Jaber is entering sophomore year pursuing a BS in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University. She hopes to continue her education with a Masters in Information Technology Management and seeks a career as an IT Project Manager. Her dreams concise of aiding her homeland, Palestine, with new technology as well as the resources to build skills related to technology. Ayah has a long history within the technological field, as it all began in sixth grade. It is truly evident that a career in technology is her passion.

Diversity Scholarship ($500)

Ayomide Olasupo is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently a rising junior at Mississippi Valley State University where she double majors in Computer Science and Mathematics. Whenever she is not doing school or computer science related activities, you might find her drawing, cooking or baking. She also loves to explore new places whenever she get the chance to. A little fun fact about her is that she'd like to become a pastry chef someday.

Walters Family Honorary Scholarship ($500)

Emily Jones is a 2nd year student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering at Purdue University and is involved in the Purdue Society of Women Engineers. From a young age, she has always been interested in science and excelled at math. Her passion for sustainability was ignited during her time as a Girl Scout, where she achieved the Gold Award in 2020. During her first year as an engineering student, she took an interest in prosthetics, which has influenced her academic and career aspirations. Her goal is to explore opportunities in research and development and be at the forefront of innovation. Emily is also the first recipient that is a descendent of an A.O.E. member!

Herbert John Lathrop Engineering Scholarship ($500)

Jillian Spencer is a 3rd year Biochemistry Major with minors in Genetics and Chemistry at Clemson University. She plays tennis and is the secretary of Club Tennis. She has been involved with AOE for about a year now and has taken over the academic committee head position for this coming school year. She also has been involved in research in both breast cancer and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome for all 3 years while at Clemson.

Kasem Pimanmas Scholarship ($500)

Lilian Lamb is entering their 4th year as a student at the University of South Carolina. They enjoy using their knowledge and opportunities to focus on research and organizations that support engineers. They use their time to research robotics and stereotypes surrounding computer science. They are also currently the president if IEEE HKN but participates in Tau Beta Pi and Society of Women Engineers as well.

Make a Difference/Impact Scholarship ($500)

Dawn Varughese is a 4th-year student pursuing a Computer Science degree with a minor in Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ever since she was young, she has had an affinity towards computers and ever-changing technology and has always known the STEM field was the place for her. She would like to continue working in the computing space as a Software Engineer in Cybersecurity and wants to contribute to a culture in tech that values and supports the contributions of women and other underrepresented groups in technology and IT. Dawn aspires to be an excellent mentor to other women interested in technology, who can share experiences and provide advice and support to in turn boost their confidence and attract them to engineering and technical science fields.

Vondenkamp Family Scholarship ($500)

Savannah Wojtkowski will be a second year industrial engineering student at Clemson University. She originally became interested in STEM when she was in the fourth grade and decided to join a competitive robotics team. A huge part of her future life mission is to encourage more girls to work with STEM, to challenge the stereotypes.

Lindsay M del Campo Scholarship ($500)

Celeste Irwin is a returning student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on Assured Digital Microelectronics Education and Training Ecosystem. Her educational journey has already been marked by notable achievements, including holding degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiologic Sciences, and Engineering. Beyond her academic pursuits, Celeste is also deeply passionate about making a significant impact in the field of medical research. Her long-term aspirations involve earning a Ph.D. and actively contributing to MRI-guided focused Ultrasound research, demonstrating her commitment to advancements in healthcare technology. Outside the realm of academia and research, Celeste has a strong passion for ultimate Frisbee. She actively plays ultimate Frisbee and aims to achieve semi-professional athlete status in the sport while also working to promote its growth and inclusivity. Moreover, she actively advocates for women's participation and representation in sports, aiming to empower and inspire future female athletes. Additionally, Celeste has two dogs and one cat that she adores, a house that she loves to renovate, and a passion for traveling and meeting kindred spirits around the world.

Catherine Stone Leadership Scholarship ($500)

Elizabeth Bradshaw is a 2nd year student pursuing a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at Purdue University. She is the author of the book "Your Place in Space: A Career Guide for Girls", part of a program to encourage middle-school girls to pursue careers in the aerospace industry. Elizabeth is part of a lab at Purdue researching radiation shielding for satellite electronics. She is a member of the executive board for Purdue Space Program, a group of seven aerospace design teams and one of Purdue’s largest engineering student organizations. She is a former NASA intern and a current Satellite Operations Engineering intern with Iridium Communications.

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