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2017 Scholarship Recipients

Founders' Scholarship ($2,500)

Eunha (Grace) Park is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering with a biomechanical minor at New York University. During her freshman year, Grace helped to found the Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon chapter, and served as the Membership Educator. She is the co-lead for Design for America at NYU, where she lead the design of a medical mobility device and presented the results to Medline Headquarters in Chicago. According to her advisor Jennifer Prio, Grace is a leader with exceptional teamwork abilities and an excellent role model for women in STEM.

Maxine Shelly Turner Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Cara Sperbeck is a senior studying Computer Engineering at York College of Pennsylvania. Inspired to studying engineering by her electrical engineer mother, Cara aspires to work in robotics with biomedical application. She was selected by the faculty as the top sophomore student in her program, wowed her professors with live software engineering project demos, and has continued to impress them by building a robot that could navigate their facility. Cara hopes to encourage other women to studying engineering by setting an example as successful engineer and volunteering for STEM outreach programs, such as Techgirlz and First Lego League.

Lindsay M del Campo Scholarship ($1,500)

Cassidy Elwell is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly). During high school, she helped start a robotics club and went on to compete at the VEX World Championship with thousands of students across the world. After attending a digital forensics and cybersecurity summer program, she decided to concentrate on cybersecurity where will use her technological skills to prevent cyber attacks in everyday technology.

Freedom Scholarship ($1,000)

Autumn Caraway is sophomore studying Physics and Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Her mother and grandmother were her strong professional role models, and she aspires blaze her own trail, develop quantum computing in the private sector, and heading R&D at a technology company. She has already distinguished herself by creating a classical particle accelerator, and she is honing her lab skills at a Bose-Einstein Condensate laboratory. Autumn also volunteers at high school and middle school STEM outreach programs through SWE and the Society of Women in Physics.

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($1,000)

Carly Nolan is a junior studying Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech. After impressing her Introduction to Nanoscience professor, Michael Hochella, she did an independent study with him. As a co-op student intern at DuPont, she has worked with Tyvek® and Tychem® garment projects, including fiber studies, facemask particle filtration efficiency testing, and verification studies. Carly is a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon, and a Hokie Ambassador, where she gives tours of the campus to visitors.

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($1,000)

Lindsey Ulmer is a junior studying Chemistry at Georgia Tech. Originally planning to be an academic, Lindsey got involved in undergraduate research early, assisting with growing, lysing, and digesting cells, desalting proteins, and preparing samples for mass spectroscopy analysis. Through her community service activities, volunteering at STEM outreach events, planning philanthropy events, and teaching impoverished children in Mississippi over spring break, she decided that she prefers to see the impact of her work through interactions with people. She plans to become an OB-GYN as it ties together her interests in science with her passion with working with people and the community.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Emily Foley is a senior studying Materials Science & Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Throughout her college career, she has been focusing in areas related to renewable energy and would like to continue doing solar cell research and development after graduation. Emily did an undergraduate research project related to solar cells, completed an internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and during a study abroad internship, she designed solar-powered lighting for schools in developing nations. She also has been volunteering as a host freshmen women in engineering for SWE's Little Sister's weekend.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Meha Kumar is a sophomore studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. She became passionate about engineering and problem solving as a participant of the Women's in Technology Program at MIT. Meha loves to teach and mentor for TheGirlCodeProject, which aims to introduce middle and high school girls to computer programming. She is also excited about attending hackathons, applying to a study abroad program in Barcelona and numerous internships.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($1,000)

Margo Donlin is a junior studying Engineering at Elizabethtown College with a double concentration in mechanical and electrical engineering. She is so passionate about biomechanics and prosthetics that as a first year student, she was able to prepare an independent research project and receive funding for summer research. She will present her results in the summer of 2018 at the American Society of Biomechanics conference. Her goal is to become an Orthotics and Prosthetics Practitioner and work with pediatric prosthetics and orthotics.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($500)

Fatemeh Azari is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). She is a recent immigrant that was previously enrolled in a community college, where she excelled in classes despite language barriers. To encourage people in her community to learn and study math and science, she started a Math club and volunteered at the local library. Fatemeh's instructor at the UNLV Mathematics Learning Center, Chyna Miller, is optimistic that with her work ethic, passion for engineering, and leadership skills, Fatemeh will continue building communities around her that encourage education.

Walters Family Honorary Scholarship ($500)

Abigail Jones is a sophomore studying Engineering Science at Trinity University. A student athlete, Abigail is a member of the swim team, and she volunteers as a mentor for at-risk middle school students. She is the social/outreach chair at her SWE chapter, where they conduct engineering workshops targeted at young girls, who do not even realize that college is an option.

Herbert John Lathrop Engineering Scholarship ($500)

Marisa Wurtz is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University. She is most interested in making machines, such as cars, more safe. An active member of Alpha Omega Epsilon and SWE, she participates in outreach events and encourages girls to be strong and confident. Marisa also runs her own photography business.

Kasem Pimanmas and Dr. Aye Thein Kyaw Scholarship ($500)

Yajushi Mattegunta is a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California Berkeley. After completing two high school summer internships, one related to chemistry and physics, and the other related to electrical engineering, Yajushi knew she wanted to work with nanotechnology. She is involved in outreach programs through SWE and plans to use her speech and debate skills to give TEDx talks on the challenges of women in STEM fields.

Make a Difference/Impact Scholarship ($500)

Xingyuan (Zazzy) Zhao is a senior pursuing a BS & MS Accelerated Program in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University. Over the past several summers, Zazzy has tutored English in China, interned at the Philadelphia Water Department and interned in Madrid, Spain at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, where she designed a commercial winch. She was nominated by Executive Vice President and Provost of Drexel University to participate on Student Global Advisory Board to expand and strengthen Global Drexel. She plans to work in the controls and automobile industry.

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