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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Maxine Shelly Turner Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Olivia Loa is a senior Chemical Engineering major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Olivia is a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon and plans on continuing Maxine's dream to empower women in science and engineering, both professionally and socially. She is part of many organizations besides Alpha Omega Epsilon that include: Engineers Without Boarders, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi. Her goal is to develop local-sourced renewable energy power in remote areas of Indonesia, where she is from.

Lindsay M del Campo Scholarship ($1,500)

Breanna Lee is a senior chemical engineering student at Louisiana State University. She has spent time in both a lab setting and in the industry as a researcher at different college campuses and a process design intern at ExxonMobil. Breanna also found time to be a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club as a youth development professional. Her future plans on pursuing a master's degree in two fields: mechanical engineering and business administration after she finishes her undergraduate career.

Freedom Scholarship ($1,000)

Meghan Pinezich is a junior Chemical Engineering major at the University of Virginia. She is a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon and is the current Community Service Committee Chair for the Pi Chapter. She is a member of other professional engineering organizations, including: Society of Women Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Meghan worked in a neuroscience lab and discovered her love of research. The lab setting has inspired her to eventually pursue a doctorate degree.

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($500)

Meredith Bailey is a sophomore at the Ohio State University majoring in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. She is very active in the community and has been an active Girl Scout for 13 years during which she earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. Meredith has overcome hardships and stereotypes through perseverance and her love of the STEM subjects. She hopes to develop biomedical devices that help those prone to diabetes and strokes because the area she grew up in is known as the "Diabetes and Stoke Belt."

Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship ($500)

Kelsey Henderson is a junior majoring in Biosystems Engineering at the University of Tennessee. Kelsey has been a leader in many different types of organizations that include science and her faith. She plans to eventually graduate with a Masters in Biological Engineering and a MBA so that she can be involved in a nonprofit company that focuses on crop production and water purification in third world countries.

Walters Family Honorary Scholarship ($500)

Laura Switzer is one of two recipients of the Walters Family Honorary Scholarship. She is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering at Marquette University. As a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon, Laura has had numerous leadership roles and actively promotes women to pursue engineering a profession. She has volunteered as a troop assistant for the local chapters of the Girl Scouts to enlighten young girls about the STEM fields.

Herbert John Lathrop Engineering Scholarship ($500)

Jamie Curtis is a sophomore at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where is a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon. A passion of Jamie's is a sustainable society. She is a member of Engineers for a Sustainable World and Engineers Without Borders where she participates in a hydroponics project that grows plants in an on campus greenhouse, and volunteers at elementary schools, and working to establish a larger greenhouse to grow produce for the community. A goal of Jamie's is to develop a cheaper hydroponics system.

Kasem Pimanmas and Dr. Aye Thein Kyaw Scholarship ($500)

Marika Zeldenrust is majoring in Environmental Engineering at Drexel University where she has been accepted in the dual BS/MS program. She is a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon and has held two leadership positions: Social Media Chair/Historian and the Recording Secretary. She has held multiple internships/co-ops, as well as research positions on campus. Marika has made it a point to promote women in engineering and plans to continue to do so throughout the rest of her career.

Founders' Scholarship ($1,000)

Emily Garst is a student at Virginia Tech pursuing a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and is a sister of the Rho Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon. She is a member and holds leadership positions in many of her extracurricular activities, such as the Virginia Tech Club Gymnastics Team, and Hypatia Female in Engineering living community. On top of her studies and collegiate activities, she is currently an Engineering Assistant at MOOG Components Group. She sees herself promoting women in engineering by "spreading the word about the amazing opportunities that the engineering field offers."

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($500)

Katie Falcone is a senior at Drexel University where she is studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. Not only is she a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon, she is one of the founders and current president of the Beta Mu Chapter. Katie has completed multiple internships and co-ops furthering her professional aspirations.

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($500)

Susan Kleman is a senior Chemical Engineering major at Lehigh University and is a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon. She is a member of many engineering organizations, such as: Engineers Without Boarders, Society of Women Engineers, the American Institute for Chemical Engineers and the Green Action Environmental Club. Susan led a group in CHOICES (Charting Horizons and Opportunities in Careers in Engineering and Science) to inform young women of the opportunities in engineering. She continues to help and promote women in engineering through study groups and as the Academic Chair of her Alpha Omega Epsilon Chapter.

Rings of Excellence Scholarship ($500)

As a senior at West Virginia University, Bridget Walter has accomplished a perfect GPA and is set to graduate in 2016. As a sister of the Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon, she has held positions such as the Greek Relations Officers to involve the chapter with the Panhellenic community. Bridget has also interned at Dominion Transmission. Her future plans include working towards a Master's in Geology after she finishes her bachelors in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

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