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Q: Can high school students, high school students who have been accepted into engineering or technical science programs, or graduate students apply for the scholarships?
A: NO. At the present time, the A.O.E. Foundation has a limited number of resources and donations and therefore must limit the number of applicants to undergraduate students only. It is our goal in the future to add scholarships for both high school and graduate students.

Q: I am an international student, can I qualify for the scholarship?
A: YES. International students are eligible if they are attending an ABET accredited school and program and also meet the other scholarship requirements.

Q: Does it matter what school I attend?
A: YES. The school must be located in the United States, unless you are a member (active or alumnae) in good standing in Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority, or the child or grandchild of a member in good standing attending a school outside of the U.S., and the major must be accredited by ABET or by another recognized accrediting agency in order to qualify. Please refer to the ABET website at for further information.

Q: I'm currently a senior in college and graduating this year, can I still apply?
A: YES. If you are graduating in December then you are eligible. If you are graduating in the spring or summer then you are NOT eligible. The scholarships are applied directly to the college or university for the upcoming fall school term.

Q: The letter of recommendation must be from an "academic professional"; what does that mean?
A: A person who is affiliated with your school and who is knowledgeable of your academic, philanthropic, or professional activities may write the letter. If you are a freshman then it is possible for a high school teacher to write the letter, due to the limited exposure to your collegiate professors.

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