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Engineering and Technical Science
Alpha Omega Epsilon and A.O.E. Foundation consider a technical science to be a discipline that is similar to an engineering discipline. The curriculum for a technical science degree would have an overlap with an engineering degree. A technical science degree must be a bachelor's of science and must be received at a college or university with an accredited program.

Degrees that qualify as technical science:
  • Any college or university degree that is accredited by ABET, such as Computer Science or Math. Refer to their website at for further information.
Degrees that are excluded from applying:
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical sciences (i.e. nursing, medicine, physical therapy, sports management)
  • Social Sciences (i.e. psychology)
  • Veterinary or animal sciences
List of degrees that MAY or MAY NOT be eligible, based on curriculum and college/university:
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Degree Recognition Process

If you are unsure if your major would qualify and you would like the Foundation to recognize the program at your school, please email at: with the following information:
  • The discipline you are requesting to be approved
  • A copy of the undergraduate curriculum for that field of study with course descriptions
  • The college/university offering the program
  • The accrediting board of that program
  • The contact name of the Dean responsible for that discipline
  • Your contact information.

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